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Crisis Communication

A crisis is an extraordinary event that requires extraordinary resources. Even if you have an experienced organization, well equipped to handle crises, it may be a good idea to use external resources. In a smaller organization without much crisis experience, we strongly recommend getting outside help.

At Konsensus, there are consultants with solid experience in crisis communication and knowledge of how to best act in a pressured and vulnerable position. The probability is also quite high that we have a developed relationship with the current editor, which can be significant.

Many industries are regularly exposed to critical scrutiny, which in several cases develop into outright crises. A crisis happens sooner or later in all organizations even though it may seem unlikely when you sit on the inside. What many people don’t think about is that most crises can be predicted. If you have not done your inventory in advance, there is a high probability that the damage will be unnecessarily large.

It is not a coincidence that politicians and directors now publish any “dirty laundry” already upon taking up their post. For example, bank representatives now know that bonuses and compensation will constantly be a recurring theme. As well as politicians know that bills of representation will always be a topic.

Crises occur in all industries and companies. With the right preparations, some crises can be avoided and in cases where the crisis does break out, you can limit the negative effects. But it is important to be well prepared.